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Episode 10: The Importance of Setting Boundaries

March 02, 2021 Mac from "Healthy Little Peach" Episode 10
The Peachy Life
Episode 10: The Importance of Setting Boundaries
Show Notes

In this episode, we dive deep into personal boundaries and why they are vital in order for us to thrive and be in healthy relationships. Having them in place allows us to communicate our needs and desires clearly without fear of repercussions. It is also used to set limits so that others don’t take advantage of us or are allowed to hurt us. It is a way for us to practice self-care and self-respect.

Additionally, we discuss the difference between expectations vs. boundaries. Expectations are assumptions we have for others that seem to always let us down. Instead of building expectations and assumptions, it's much healthier to build boundaries and rules for what we will tolerate and what we want. 

Live your life and stop trying to people please. You will never find happiness if you are always worried about what others think of you and your decisions. Live for what YOU WANT!

What Boundaries Feel Like:
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